Enoch Powell Institute seeks, through research, analysis, radical thinking and policy proposals, to envision and support the establishment of a secure and sustainable future for people of native British descent.

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Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell

Simon Heffer
Faber & Faber

There were few more controversial British politicians of the twentieth-century than Enoch Powell. There were few more brilliant, and yet, whilst being an MP for thirty-seven years, his ministerial career lasted a mere fifteen months. His influence however was enormous not least as a harbinger of Thatcherism.


There was much more to him though: he was a Professor of Greek at the age of twenty-five: a brigadier at the age of thirty-two: he was also a poet, biblical scholar and devoted family man.


The word 'definitive' is hackneyed but in describing this biography it can be used legitimately. Not only was Simon Heffer able to interview Enoch Powell he was also given access to Powell's massive private archive.


(Faber & Faber)

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