Enoch Powell Institute seeks, through research, analysis, radical thinking and policy proposals, to envision and support the establishment of a secure and sustainable future for people of native British descent.

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The Institute will undertake and publish research and analysis in support of its Mission. Completed and current projects will be documented here. Please use our Contact form to submit suggestions for new research, publications or collaborative projects.

Current Project: Is there Anti-British Bias in Academic Recruitment in London?

Seemingly contradictory media reports suggest that: (a) large numbers of foreign academics continue to find employment in Britain, especially London, potentially reducing career opportunities for native British academics; and (b) a supposed 'Brexit effect' has to some degree reversed this process, due to departures of overseas (mainly European) staff.

To clarify the issue, this project will use Freedom of Information requests to obtain statistics on the nationalities and ethnicities of academic recruits to London universities in recent years, also to gather any evidence of increases in overseas staff losses, post Brexit referendum.

If the data overall show substantially disproportionate employment of foreign and/ or ethnic minority candidates, relevant universities will be asked for further information on their recruitment practices and policies, and their specific measures to counter possible anti-British recruitment bias.


Findings will be published on this page before the end of August 2018.